Thursday, 3 June 2010


Evil is fortified I feel it in my soul.
Everyday I look to you I feel the need to kill.
All the times I spend in here it eats me flesh and bone
And everytime I think of you the urge I must endure.

Blackend flower, my acid dew, your forever going to feel
My constant thoughts of wretchid fear for you, all you, you hear.

I'm torn form ear to ear

You'll never hide from my rotten constant fear
An evil wrought with lonliness shall come in time take care
For all the days you've made so far will perrish once they're here.

You'll never run
You'll never hide
They'll find you anywhere
Your only hope is by your hand and blade you hold so dear
Swift in heat the rush of blood will leave you pale and clear
But only now your camoflage will stop them drawing near

Into the darkness
You pass with many cares
Into the darkness
Is now your only fear

Darkness comes
To pull you near
Darkness comes
For you to fear
Darkness comes
So swift and clear
Darkness comes
So know my fear.

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