Thursday, 3 June 2010


I've been abit retarded and uploaded these in the wrong order! -all of the newer stuff is toward the bottom.

Given no-one knows about this blog, it really doesnt matter.




I can Feel your hate.
With your blood spilt.
I can taste your fear.
Resist, and I will show you pain.

Blood war
Blood war
Your lost forever
Blood war
Your love is dead
Blood war.

Take my hand.
Show me a way.
Take my life.
Take my soul.
Guide the way, to the light.
In the dark.
In this hole.

Soul Destroyer: 30.05.08 - 01.06.08

Stand at the gates to Oblivion
Nothing left in life.
Another day turned black by hellspawn
Another day in flame.

Wasted life no retribution
A dawn of blissfull sin.
wasted youth now expiration.
soul marauder begins.

Bastard child born of the sinners
Hells spawn crawls within
Bastard child born to sinners
The new reign of hell begins

Enter dark a silent gesture
shadows dancing here
The darkness grown - light departure
Livid for your blood.

foul slave to lust - and false desires,
A failure deep inside.
The darkness spawns unholy terrors,
Who'll feast upon your life.

[03.21.00]{spoken on third bar}
Lay down your life and listen to me
I'm the only one who'll survive
All that you've done you think I can not see.
I'm getting sick of your lies.
Another day turned black by hellspawn
Another day forged from fire.
Wasted life no retribution

Vengefull dark.

Serpentine 05/06/08

Once your mind was part of my light.
and all these things were true.
Your disguise covered my sight.
was this not foolish of you?
In the dark, tremble in fear.
In the dark tremble in fear - my mind stalks you

Screaming Angels
Screaming - music to the ears of the damned

Darkness looms around this place
Binds your soul.
An evil twist of fate?
Welcome here my friend, your home.(shout)

Sow your lies Grow your disease

Once your mind was part of my light.
and all these things were true.
Your disguise covered my sight.
was this not foolish of you?
In the dark, tremble in fear.
In the dark tremble in fear.

Darkness looms around this place
Binds your soul.
Guided by the hands of fate
Welcome here my friend, your home.

[04:15 x3]
fill my mind with visions of red
I am your sense and feeling

[04:31 x3]
I can sense your blood

[04:39 - 04:45/(6 second roar)]

Tomb of Abadon- 11/07

never fear the silence
there are ways that you can go
will you find your answers?
or are these things you should never know

promices made of lies ensnare my fragile mind,
I follow to a blackened place
where only shaddows lurk
luring souls to your hollow little life,
your tricks of doom you play, for eternity.

I dont want your fucking lies
kneal trembling by my side
your worth become as nothing
your a misery at my feet.

spend time living in the shadow
this darkness is everlong
immortal is this hour
you will never learn

will you never learn

we are but withered petals
fallen on a barren wasteland.
Dried and broken seeds sunken, into the mire.
your worth is nothing your a misery, a misery at my feet.

like a ray of light, piercing, my lifeless body, and burning through to my hollow soul
your life a pewtrid flower withered by the morning sun,
through years you've come to blossum
early, yet your time has come.

Dried up
fragile shell
I can not fathom another day.
spend time living in the eternal shadow
immortal is this day.

the shadow is born to feast to on your blood.
feast on your blood.

feast on your fucking soul.

Untitled 01.06.10

You'll see the waitings in my eyes
You'll know I never lied
The shame in these high tides
Gallows for the pride

I prey for the end again
And I prey for the end

Sun dies

Sun dies
Oh suicide

And oh I, I prey for the end

You'll see the loathing in my eyes
I want the suicide
To feel your presance by my side
You know I've never lied
Oh, oh suicide

Untitled 24.05.10

You took your own existance away from us, these hardships we live to serve, sought forgivness for your sin.

You have left us diminished, failing slowly in the embers of what once was heightened glory

(i can feel the walls come crushing in)

The smell of decay grows as we sink deeper into these pits.
The haze of sorrow grasping the air from our fragile grip.

Now I test my soul, as I lay dying

I have lost my vision.

Untitled 23.05.10

I am killed again, they return here laughing.
My Soul will rise again, from this, these scolding ashes.

Past times to now still glows, and flame, it burns, I am deservant.

There are no last regrets, this time I am emerging.
From sorrow, and from pain, my strength has grown.

Our time is lost, and still I am not broken.
I'm torn apart, I'm drowned in dark and I'm burning in blackashes

There are no regrets, our times are hard and I am strong emerging.

I've had to wade through valleys of shame, before, so no!
you cannot harness, the guilt, this pain, on me, I'm grown;
I've elevated


Evil is fortified I feel it in my soul.
Everyday I look to you I feel the need to kill.
All the times I spend in here it eats me flesh and bone
And everytime I think of you the urge I must endure.

Blackend flower, my acid dew, your forever going to feel
My constant thoughts of wretchid fear for you, all you, you hear.

I'm torn form ear to ear

You'll never hide from my rotten constant fear
An evil wrought with lonliness shall come in time take care
For all the days you've made so far will perrish once they're here.

You'll never run
You'll never hide
They'll find you anywhere
Your only hope is by your hand and blade you hold so dear
Swift in heat the rush of blood will leave you pale and clear
But only now your camoflage will stop them drawing near

Into the darkness
You pass with many cares
Into the darkness
Is now your only fear

Darkness comes
To pull you near
Darkness comes
For you to fear
Darkness comes
So swift and clear
Darkness comes
So know my fear.


I wish I'd take a stand to bare these feelings I've subdued inside,
For all they're worth was laid before the fires set by night I ride.

Suicide, death passes by
I'll Not forget that malice eye

The sound of death I know he's fleeting the sound of chariots, death is neigh.
All that's real was lost inside, the broken dawn, the birth of suicide.

Suicide, death passes by
I'll search for that I've lost inside.
Suicide, run I'll hide

Untitled by Dave and Mik 20.03.10

None of them see.

I pity nothing.

They are the deservant, of all the 'attrocities'
pending resolution upon their pewtrid, insignificant malovent souls.

I can't make them see,
We would be prevented.
Their angels prevail amoung us who would challange them.

Only through doubt will they learn

Doubt will teach them nothing!
Doubt will lead them to the sanctury in which they already reside

Deep in the wing of their fallen god.

We. shall. be

Laugh at the end of day's

We, the ascended, must fool their angels
For they are weak, and they are ignorant of our intentions.

We. will. prevail.

we will desictate the land on which they build their stature.
All they desire, all they commondate, all the worth of that to which they aspire
we shal crush eneth the souls of our feet.

We. Will. Prevail.

Untitled 17.3.10

Mortal lords walk towards us, you will perish in doom
Mortal slaves walk towards us, they will feel our wrath
Mortal foes crushed beneath us, death will come for you soon

Your souls are mine
Cold black and scorn
Weak your bleeding hearts
Burnt corrupt and fooled

Come, kneel before us, your time of judgement is now
Feel our might desend upon you, beneath the depest earth

Untitled 28-02-10

Here our minds divided
You took my knife and now it's started
Battles come this time we hated
Can't be won , petrifying

Just give me a pulse
Just give me a pulse
Just give me a; So. you. can.

This is the end
All that's come will soon be parted
Lives betrayed and liers granted
Fortune scold this time we hated

You. can't save me
You. won't save me
You, you. Can't. stop. this.

Untitled 27-02-10

You Judged their worthlessness
With Death on your breath
You've cast aside your rightous guide.

No ash to ashes or dust to dust
You'll not stop until your crushed
Bleeding passion upon your brow
Kneel down before the angels of death.

We are your children and together we ride.
Oblivions dawn breaks the day.

I am the hungry
I am the plague
I am destruction
We heed your call

We haunt your darkest fears
We stalk your every step
We feed on every breath

We are the butchered death