Thursday, 3 June 2010

Untitled by Dave and Mik 20.03.10

None of them see.

I pity nothing.

They are the deservant, of all the 'attrocities'
pending resolution upon their pewtrid, insignificant malovent souls.

I can't make them see,
We would be prevented.
Their angels prevail amoung us who would challange them.

Only through doubt will they learn

Doubt will teach them nothing!
Doubt will lead them to the sanctury in which they already reside

Deep in the wing of their fallen god.

We. shall. be

Laugh at the end of day's

We, the ascended, must fool their angels
For they are weak, and they are ignorant of our intentions.

We. will. prevail.

we will desictate the land on which they build their stature.
All they desire, all they commondate, all the worth of that to which they aspire
we shal crush eneth the souls of our feet.

We. Will. Prevail.

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