Thursday, 3 June 2010

Soul Destroyer: 30.05.08 - 01.06.08

Stand at the gates to Oblivion
Nothing left in life.
Another day turned black by hellspawn
Another day in flame.

Wasted life no retribution
A dawn of blissfull sin.
wasted youth now expiration.
soul marauder begins.

Bastard child born of the sinners
Hells spawn crawls within
Bastard child born to sinners
The new reign of hell begins

Enter dark a silent gesture
shadows dancing here
The darkness grown - light departure
Livid for your blood.

foul slave to lust - and false desires,
A failure deep inside.
The darkness spawns unholy terrors,
Who'll feast upon your life.

[03.21.00]{spoken on third bar}
Lay down your life and listen to me
I'm the only one who'll survive
All that you've done you think I can not see.
I'm getting sick of your lies.
Another day turned black by hellspawn
Another day forged from fire.
Wasted life no retribution

Vengefull dark.

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