Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tomb of Abadon- 11/07

never fear the silence
there are ways that you can go
will you find your answers?
or are these things you should never know

promices made of lies ensnare my fragile mind,
I follow to a blackened place
where only shaddows lurk
luring souls to your hollow little life,
your tricks of doom you play, for eternity.

I dont want your fucking lies
kneal trembling by my side
your worth become as nothing
your a misery at my feet.

spend time living in the shadow
this darkness is everlong
immortal is this hour
you will never learn

will you never learn

we are but withered petals
fallen on a barren wasteland.
Dried and broken seeds sunken, into the mire.
your worth is nothing your a misery, a misery at my feet.

like a ray of light, piercing, my lifeless body, and burning through to my hollow soul
your life a pewtrid flower withered by the morning sun,
through years you've come to blossum
early, yet your time has come.

Dried up
fragile shell
I can not fathom another day.
spend time living in the eternal shadow
immortal is this day.

the shadow is born to feast to on your blood.
feast on your blood.

feast on your fucking soul.

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